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    About Sotera


    Sotera is an Insurtech challenger start-up founded at Cambridge University. Sotera completed the Accelerate Program at Judge Business School, the Lloyds Lab at Lloyds of London, and has been accepted onto the UK Government's Global Entrepreneurs Program.


    Sotera is a computer vision and data platform that can tell insurers what objects are, who owns them, identify known objects, and provide a risk rating for those objects and owners. Sotera allows an insurance underwriter without sector expertise to underwrite complex risk.


    Sotera helps protect world heritage, supporting the fight against the looting and illicit trade in art and antiquities by making it harder to trade and insure looted or illicit objects by spotting them in the insurance process.


    Sotera raised an angel round from Tokio Marine Future Fund, Accel, Ninety, and a small group of experienced angel investors.





  • TEAM

    Elizabeth Marston

    17 years+ as an international business owner and manager of business portfolio; University of Cambridge MA Classical Archaeology, MPhil Egyptology, and Accelerate Plus venture at Judge Business School. Archaeological fieldwork and museum heritage in Greece and Egypt, worked on Circulating Artefacts project at the British Museum.


    Dr Tobias Stone

    Tech Founder, Angel, NED, and Portfolio Director, former policy advisor. Degrees in archaeology and Egyptology, with fieldwork in Israel, France, Portugal, and the UK. PhD in Innovation and Sociology, Hon Practice Fellow at Imperial College Business School.

    Dr Trevor Maynard

    Executive Director Systemic Risks, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, former Head of Innovation at Lloyds of London and actuary, PhD in Statistics from LSE.